Evaluating the probability of overdue receivables and corporate debt repayment

From automated analytics built on algorithmic analysis and mathematical models to deeper evaluations performed by experts
We use our analytics to evaluate the company's financial stability for up to 2 years and predict whether the debt will be repaid and the time frame for the process.
Assessing the risks of non-payment of debt allows us to:
Make a prognosis for the payment of debt
Take timely action to return funds to circulation
Evaluate the possibility of selling overdue receivables when the balance is burdened
This information will be useful for taking measures to ensure the financial sustainability of the company, such as preventing a cash gap, delays in own payments and other force majeure situations.
In most cases, prompt response significantly increases the chances of the debt being successfully collected.
Selling bad receivables frees up capital and improves cash flow.
We assess the likelihood of debt repayment using high-tech automatic analysis services, and then, taking a more detailed approach, we involve teams of experts in financial, economic and legal fields
The debt repayment predictability assessment consists of two parts:
Economic Predictability
predicting the debtor's economic stability
Legal Predictability
predicting the possibility of collecting the debt through the court system
We offer the following services:
Automatic evaluation
gives an idea of whether debt recovery from this particular debtor is feasible, whether there are any signs of bankruptcy or termination of activity.

The evaluation is carried out using technological services based on the construction of mathematical models and algorithmic data analysis.

Result: a report with a comment from an analyst explaining whether or not it makes sense to perform a manual expert analysis of the debtor
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Expert analytics
gives an idea of the sources the debtor could use to repay the debt, how much time it will approximately take and the risks for the debtor's economy.

The evaluation is performed by a team of expert financial analysts.

Result: analytical evaluation report
Legal evaluation
gives an idea of the time frame and cost of collecting the debt through court and the risks associated with the debtor's objections.

The evaluation is performed by legal experts, with the involvement of solicitors.

Result: legal evaluation
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Debt purchase
services, after the evaluation, we can help to find investors and buyers for the overdue debts and accounts receivable.

Investors purchase overdue debts from corporate clients under an assignment agreement at a discount which is determined individually. No risks, the rights of claim transferred only after the receipt of payment.

Result: the ability to quickly receive money owed to your company
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About Us
Since 2009, our team has been successfully operating in the high-risk debt investment market.

Activity in this market segment demands high competency in the analysis of the solvency and financial stability of various companies, as well as the analysis of the legal validity of the claims.

One should also note that this is a growing market that is constantly changing and developing, so our team is improving along with it.
We have been doing debt evaluation and debt purchasing in difficult markets for 10 years now
In the course of our business 15,000,000 GBP have been invested, while 22,000,000 GBP have been collected
We have developed and successfully use machine learning methods for evaluating companies. The accuracy of this service is 93%
Svetlana Vasina
Co-Founder & deputy-CEO
Joe Lipman
Head of London Office
Mikhail Kirsanov
Chief analytics officer